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Our proofreaders spend, on average, 45 minutes time to review 1,000 words of writing, allowing them to do a thorough and complete job on any document.

The key areas in which our editors will analyse and improve your document include but are not limited to:

Academic style/tone

In university and research contexts, establishing an academic tone in your writing is very important. Our editing will ensure that your paper reads in an advanced academic style. We will also ensure that your writing complies with academic writing conventions, e.g. appropriate narrative and structure.

Lexical choice and vocabulary

Lexical choice has a strong influence on the impression that the reader gets from your writing. Demonstrating a diverse vocabulary conveys positive messages, whilst repetitive and narrow word choice does not.

Where appropriate, your editor will make improvements to lexis and vocabulary.

Sentence structure, syntax and paragraph structure

Your editor will comprehensively review your sentence structure and syntax to improve the clarity and coherence of your communication and argument.

Your editor will also address any issues related to paragraph structure, such as unity, transitions and thought order.

Grammar and punctuation errors

Your editor shall eradicate your document of any grammar and punctuation flaws, such as: run-on sentences, incorrect articles, dangling participles, subject verb agreements etc.

Consistency of verb tenses

Chopping and changing between verb tenses is one of the more frequently seen problems seen in writing, particularly by ESL students. Inconsistent verb tenses must be corrected as they can impede the flow of your writing – we will make sure your writing is free of such drawbacks.

Wordiness and redundancy or repetition

If your writing is wordy or repetitive it conveys to the reader that it is lacking in depth and substance. Your editor will make sure that such problems are not present in your writing.

Presentation and formatting

If you require, your editor can provide your document with a professional formatting and presentation. Furthermore, should you have any style guidelines (for example, MLA, APA, Chicago, Oxford etc.), your editor shall be happy to accommodate for this.

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